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Meet Rob

Entrepreneur, father, life coach, gym owner and motivational speaker

I’ve been in that dark place, i’ve been on the dark side of addiction and I’m not here to tell you it’s easy.

I’m here to help and guide you to the other side, by your side.

Fitness became a huge part of my recovery journey. Since then I have placed top 150 at the 2012 World Championship of obstacle racing, ran over 13 ultra marathons, and started fighting in MMA & Boxing at the age of 35. I've travelled and been to Mt.Everest Base Camp. Now being so grateful that my work allows me to travel all over the world.

Whether speaking to a small group of ten or a crowd of thousands, I have been invited to many schools and events for my motivational speeches which include personal story of bullying, mental health, religion, suicide, and addiction. Places include but not limited to: National Rotary Convention, Utah State University, Utah P.E. and Health Teacher State Conference and many more.

Start Your Journey


  • Book a consultation - Casual chat to find out more about your needs an...

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  • Stuck in a rut and wanting to take the steps to change your life? Let...

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  • Looking to change your life, get healthier, fitter? Training for somet...

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  • Looking to get fit and healthy together? This is the one for you!

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  • Wanting to train in a group or as a family? This is the one for you!

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  • Change your mind, change your life


    59 US dollars
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Let’s Engage

Phone Number: (801) 898 - 4321    /     Email:  

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I'll be in touch soon! Thank you for your time!

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